How VR Porn Will Affect Relationships

Long before the invention of VR, the issue of porn was feared to have lead to conflicts in relationships. If one of the partners in a relationship found out that the other person is watching pornographic videos, it was a beginning of a conflict that has unfortunately led to the breakup of many families. The issue of relationships is a complex one and how porn will affect them will vary from one relationship to the other. Unlike in the past when porn videos seemed like a distant act where you were only limited to what was being shown, VR porn will make it possible to focus your attention that impresses you most. The viewer will be able to interact with the characters as though he was actively engaged in the act. To know how much VR porn videos will impact relationships, here are some of the pros and cons that will be brought about by VR porn:



  • It will make long distance relationships workable: People who are in a relationship but live in different locations will be able to use VR porn where they will have the ability to feel and see the same sex scenes. This will strengthen the bond between them as they will receive sexual gratification even without being physically together.
  • A partner who has a strange or weird fetish will be able to satisfy his fantasies: At times one of the partners may have a strange sexual fantasy that cannot be satisfied by his partner. VR porn will ensure that he gets the gratification he wants in his strange desire and the relationship will no longer be strained as a result of an unfulfilled sexual desire.
  • It will strengthen relationships where one of the partners has a physical challenge: There are incidences that may make one of the partners unable to actively participate in sexual intimacy. With VR porn, both parties will be able to have an experience which will bring them closer.



  • Motion sickness: VR porn will arouse a lot of movements in the mind while the body remains distanced from the act. As a result, a person may end up feeling nauseated after watching VR porn.
  • Rise in sexual frustrations: A person who watches a porn scene using a VR headset may want what he has seen in the reality which most of the times is impossible. This may lead to frustrations in a relationship that could even lead to break up as one of the partners feels that his sexual desires are not satisfied.

The effect of VR porn videos will vary from one relationship to the other. To some, especially those who have a mutual agreement to watch the porn videos, the relationship will get better. However, if one of the partners is against the act and finds that his partner is watching VR porn, it could strain the relationship and could even lead to break up.