What is Virtual Reality 2.0?

Virtual reality 2.0 comprises of captivating 360 degrees content that could be film-based or 3D-modeled, which is connected to a head-mounted display. The goggles have small-sized LCD screens that are joined together with lenses that will give a clearer view which is usually 180 degrees. Accelerometers or a gyroscope will be used to stay inRead More

VR Movies You Should Watch

The experience of watching a movie via a VR headset is unforgettable especially if you are watching a captivating movie. There are several VR movies on the market that are a must watch and some of these are listed below: Miyubi: This is a great VR movie that features Jeff Goldblum which is specially madeRead More

Is Affordable VR Tech Coming Soon?

A lot of VR tech has been introduced into the market be different companies such as Oculus and Google most of which are easy and convenient to use. However, the issue of how much a virtual reality system costs is still a restriction to many as they cannot afford to pay the high price forRead More