Is Affordable VR Tech Coming Soon?

A lot of VR tech has been introduced into the market be different companies such as Oculus and Google most of which are easy and convenient to use. However, the issue of how much a virtual reality system costs is still a restriction to many as they cannot afford to pay the high price for these gadgets.

For instance, a VR computer will cost over $1000, the cheapest VR headset will be sold at over $200, and a graphics card will also be required which will not cost less than $100. In addition, a VR fan is a must have and the cost will be over $1500.

Google, which is one of the leading VR tech producers, has come up with a cheaper alternative to ensure that everyone who needs a VR gadget will be able to afford it. Sony has also come up with a VR bundle that comprises of a VR headset, controllers, and games that will be sold at $399, a price which is more affordable compared to the previous cost of VR gadgets.

A recent prediction from Tratica indicates that there will be a reduction in the price of VR headsets by 15% each year. This drop in the cost of VR tech will lead to more growth in the VR industry as more people will be able to buy the more affordable VR products.

The entry of the mobile VR into the market will make it possible for most people to Access virtual reality as it will be more affordable. The products will be sold at a few hundred dollars and some will be given free of charge with the purchase of the mobile phone. With this trend in place, it is expected that more companies will tap into this market which will make the price of VR even lower.

There is also the emergence of standalone VR gadgets that will enable the user to operate it without the need for cables. This will make it possible for people to interact as they will have the freedom to move from one place to the other. The VR devices will be easier to use and the best part is that some of them like the Oculus Go will only cost $199.

Besides using the VR devices for gaming, plans are underway to incorporate their use in the classrooms and for watching videos. This means that people will get value for their money as they will not have to use their VR headsets only when playing games. With all the gains in the VR industry, more players are expected to come up with new VR devices which will be easier to use and affordable as well.