VR Movies You Should Watch

The experience of watching a movie via a VR headset is unforgettable especially if you are watching a captivating movie. There are several VR movies on the market that are a must watch and some of these are listed below:

  • Miyubi: This is a great VR movie that features Jeff Goldblum which is specially made to be watched via Oculus Rift and Gear virtual reality headsets. The movie is about a robot toy from Japan that existed in the 1980s. The movie was performed in public for the first time in 2017 during a Sundance Film Festival and later at the Cannes International Film Festival.

This comedy movie can only be watched using the Oculus Rift or Gear VR and can be accessed free of charge on the Oculus website.

  • 57: This is a scary movie that entails horrifying deaths that would make it impossible to watch in normal circumstances. With the use of a VR headset, however, there is no escape and you will have to watch every scene as though it was happening live. This movie can be accessed on Google Play and also on the Oculus store.
  • Walking New York: this is an amazing movie where the director has used a helicopter to ensure that the viewer will feel as though he was in New York even though he has never been physically there. The creativity in this movie is amazing and to get a feel of the awesome scenes, you can get the movie on Vrse app.
  • Butts: This cartoonist movie that portrays the hilarious alien activities that will grab your attention from the beginning to the end. A person who wants to have a feeling of how the VR world is all about can get the best experience when watching this movie. To download the movie, you can access it on the Oculus store.
  • Black Hawk Down: This is a military-focused film that revolves around a man named Ridley Scott. The man underwent military training to ensure that he properly fulfilled his role. This movie was first released in 2001 and one can be able to find it on Netflix.

VR is not just for playing games but there is also the thrill of watching virtual reality movies that will make you feel as though you are where the action is taking place. Some of the VR movies can only be watched using specific VR headsets and you need to be sure that the movie you are looking for can be viewed through your VR device.